The Making of Kings

Squiggaly Sqoosh. Really?

After meeting with Old Beldame (the old fey blooded sorceress), she asks them to get some mushrooms from a nearby mud pit and will pay them for retrieving them for her. Heading to where the mud pit is located, they find a lake with an island. On that island is an ruined tower. Having no boats to travel out to the island, they continue on to the mud pit where they find the mushrooms but also find a large plant creature, which immediately attacks them. Killing the creature, they are able to harvest the mushrooms and return them to Old Beldame. They then explored several more areas and returned to meet the settlers and supplies to start their first city.

Taking the first month to clear off the land in the hills where the city will go, the small city took shape. After building the first couple of houses and buildings within the city, they began to claim and clear the surrounding land for the farms that are needed to feed their fledgling city and to build the roads to connect these farms to the city and their new city to the surrounding world.

While taking care of building their city, the party, now leaders of a new fledgling nation, hired a band of adventurers to explore the forest to the west of their city. This band was never heard from again. They decide to explore to see what happened to the band that they had sent out. Taking boats this time, their first stop is the ruined tower on the island. They discover that the tower is much older than the other ruins in the area and find some weird Aklo writing on the stones of the ruin. Resting that night so that Comp Languages can be memorized, they are attacked by a will-o-wisp. Finally defeating it, they discover that this tower had been a worship site for Yog-Sothoth, an Elder Evil. They also realize that without a Hallow spell, spending time in the vicinity of the tower will lead to insanity.

Heading out into the area where the band had disappeared, they find a crazy old man with a leopard pet who says that he can make potions for them. Ordering some potions, they continue searching but find no trace of the band. Heading further west, they run into an obviously drunk scythe tree and make short work of it. They also find traces of the band they are looking for, heading back to the east, the direction they had come from. Heading back to the east, they are attacked by the crazy old man and his leopard. Subduing the old man, they discovered that he had been spending time at the tower on the island and that the voices in his head made him kill people. He had killed the previous band of adventurers and tossed all of their stuff into the lake.

Returning to their new city, they discover that a child had gone missing. Heading south along the lake where he was last seen, they discover lizardfolk tracks. Continuing to explore southeast of their new city, they come across a mound in the center of a river encircled by a palisade with lizardsfolk tracks on the shoreline. Paddling their boats out to the mound, they were confronted by two lizardfolk. When asked about human children, one flatly refused that he knew anything about them and the other seemed unsure of what to do. After being refused entrance, the party killed the belligerent lizardfolk and the other led them into the hut of the lizardfolk king. The king told them that their new god (an ancient lizardfolk hero come back) demanded sacrifices. The druid challenged the lizardfolk king to single combat and after losing badly to the king, the combat devolved into a free for all and ended with the king escaping out of a hole in the ground. Heading out to the spirit hut, the party was confronted by the lizardfolk “deity” who after initiating combat, they discovered was just another will-o-wisp. Beating it and showing the village what their new “deity” really was seemed to make the rest of the lizardfolk disillusioned with the current king and the party left to promises of a regime change in the very near future. They also discovered the missing kid buried to his neck behind the spirit hut.

Returning the boy to their city caused an upsurge in loyalty by the citizens as they saw their leaders actually cared about them.

Continuing to stay in the city for the next few months, the party concentrated on building the nation. Several months later, they were approached by a group who wanted to expand the nation by building a second city at the ford where the party had defeated the tatzlwyrms. Giving them permission, the forest area was cleared and the second city, Tatzlford, was born. Nation and city growth continues on a slow and steady pace.

Dwarves can't climb

Returning to the fort at night, the party approaches from the only side without a guard tower. Sending in the rogue to scout, as he nears the wall, zombies rise out of the ground, attacking the rogue. Once the rogue retreats, the zombies sink back into the ground. The inquisitor and the oracle go around to watch the front of the fort while the rest of the party charge up the hill.
Again, the zombies rise and the party precedes to kill all that rise but this alerts the fort. The inquisitor and the oracle, who has enlarged himself, are coming up the front path to the gate when it opens to let out the bandits to attack the party. Instead, they find themselves facing the inquisitor and oracle, who make short work of them. Meanwhile, the rogue and dwarf have scaled the walls, with the dwarf falling off of the wall into the fort. Realizing that the gate is now open and held by the inquisitor and oracle, the rest of the party runs to the gate and into the fort.
While fighting the bandits, one of the bandit lieutenants release an owlbear that the bandits had captured and then fought the party. The owlbear mauled the inquisitor and another of the bandit lieutenants revealed himself as a paladin of Erystul and attacked the owlbear. The Stag Lord finally made an appearance dropping the rogue with his bow. The party finally killed him and released the old man (the father of the woman bandit who is now working at Oleg’s), taking the fort.
Returning to Oleg’s, they find that they have completed their quest to explore the land assigned to them. They return to Restov to receive their reward and rest.
A couple of weeks later, they are again summoned by the leaders of Restov and commissioned to start a town in the portion of the land that they have explored. They are given settlers and supplies to start this new city.
They decide that the site of the Stag Lord’s fort would be the best place to put their new city and travel ahead of the slow moving train of settlers and supplies in order to further explore the land around the site of their new city.
A little to the south, they discover a hut in a swampy area with a large pumpkin patch guarded by a scarecrow. Approaching the hut, the scarecrow comes to life and attacks the party. They make short work of the scarecrow and discover an old lady living in the hut. From her appearance, at first they believe her to be a green hag but quickly realize she is just an old lady with some fey blood. They finally win her over and she invites the party into her hut.

The dwarf gets boar'd

Before leaving Oleg’s, the party is approached by an elderly cleric of Eristal named Jhod who asks the party to be on the lookout for a lost shrine of Eristal guarded by a large bear. Telling him they will, they head back out, this time hunting the boar, Tuskgutter.
Continuing on, they move back into the forest where they are able to finally locate a field of radishes. They negotiated with the kobolds to harvest radishes and were able to obtain some for Svetlana.
Moving south back into the hills, they discovered a cave wherein the rogue found a vein of gold that could prove profitable if a mine was to be built in the future.
Moving back into the forest, the battle oracle awoke to find many brambles had been placed in the seat of his pants while he slept. Later that day, the wizard was surprised to find himself hanging upside down by one leg from a snare trap. The party then heard some high pitched giggling in the forest around them. While crossing a clearing, they were all caught in an entangle spell but managed to free themselves. The inquisitor also saw a small female face peering at them from the trees. After describing it to the wizard, he identified the creature as a grig. Entering another clearing they were faced with a large red dragon. Not believing that the dragon was actually there (as certain fey can cast illusion spells), the battle oracle charged the dragon, attempting to ride it. Piercing its illusion, the party was able to see the small faerie dragon that was behind the illusion. Speaking to the grig and faerie dragon and playing a little tune on a whistle, they were able to coax them out and talk to them. They told the party that they were much more fun than the sleeping guy to the west who just laid there with his legs under a bunch of logs and didn’t do anything. They also told them about a temple with a mean bear and a pond of frogs. They also told the party any time they needed them to just close their eyes, spin around three times and say the grig’s name (Tig Tittle Tut) and they would appear. Though tried many times by the rogue in subsequent days, it never seemed to work.
Investigating this “sleeping” man, they find a dead trapper with his legs caught under a deadfall trap with the ropes on the trap looking like they had been chewed through by small sharp teeth.
Investigating further into the forest, they came upon a small shrine guarded by a large bear. defeating the bear caused it to transform into an old man and then crumble to dust. The pool in the middle of the clearing then cleared up and became sparklingly clear.
Moving on, the found a hot springs filled with giant frogs which immediately attacked. The party made short work of the frogs and dined like kings on frog legs that evening.
Heading south, they came upon a swampy area with some old ruins inhabited by a lame boggard who spoke very broken common. The wizard was able to cast comprehend languages and speak to him. They gave him some frog legs and decided to just leave him alone as he desired.
The boggard was able to tell the party about a really big pig that lived to the east.
Heading east, they hear some noises in a clearing ahead of them. Sneaking up to the clearing, the rogue sawa large boar resembling Tuskgutter. The nature oracle and the dwarven barbarian approach to see if they can subdue and possibly tame the boar for the dwarf to ride. Seeing the boar clearly for the first time, they realize that this is not a regular boar but a dire boar. Casting sanctuary on himself and his wolf mount, the nature oracle attempted to calm the boar while the dwarf stepped out in front to protect the oracle. The beast took one look at the wolf mount and charged but could not attack due to the sanctuary spell. Shaking off the oracle’s attempt to calm it, the boar then attacked the dwarf. Two might swings of its tusks and the dwarf was down and bleeding out. The oracle was finally able to calm the boar enough to get it to walk away while he saved the dwarf. The oracle was finally able to coup-DE-grace the boar while it slept after deciding that it was untameable.
Following the river, the were ambushed by three tatzlewyrms. After chewing on the dwarf and inquisitor for a while, they got bored and died.
Heading back to Oleg’s, they discovered a large statue of Eristal and a cairn for a prince from one of the barbarian tribes though they were unable to tell which one. Taking the ring off of the body, they return to Oleg’s to sell all of their stuff. Oleg bought the ring from the cairn as a gift to Svetlana.
Heading to the east, they find a hut in the middle of the plains. Within, they find an old man who is just a little bit off (or actually a lot off) but says is “adept” at making low level potions but needs fangberries to finish his current batch and if they can bring him fangberries, he will make potions for them at 25% off for the next month.
Continuing on, they find a bunch of fangberries and return them to the crazy potion maker.
Searching the southern edge of their assigned area, the came across a wooden palisade on a hill. Stopping a rider that was riding toward it, the party talks to the rider. Sensing some deception in his answers, the rogue quickly ends the discussion by one-shotting the bandit off his horse. Waking him up, they are able to discover that the fort is the hideout of the Stag Lord and that there are 10 other bandits with him and a weird old man in the basement. He also tells them the password, which they immediately suspect as false and intimidate the bandit into telling them the real one.
The party decides to finish exploring the rest of their assigned territory before taking on the Stag Lord and discover a dead unicorn with its horn removed that was evidently killed by some kind of death affect as there is no wounds on it at all.
Returning to the fort, the party rests up for its inevitable confrontation with the Stag Lord.

Trees for Kobolds

Following the fleeing mite, the tunnel drops into a 20ft deep chasm before continuing on. Roots across the ceiling create a jungle gym like way to cross the chasm. The dwarven barbarian, forgoing swinging across the ceiling, descended into the chasm, awakening a giant centipede. The rogue, seeing the barbarian facing a giant centipede alone, took a flying leap off of the cliff firing into the centipede as he went. Taking damage from the fall, the rogue retreated to the other side of the chasm, continuing to fire into the centipede. The barbarian finally got into the action and took the centipede down before it could inflict any damage to the party.
Continuing past the chasm, the party came upon a room full of mites and a giant tick who had turned over two tables and were hiding behind them, throwing darts. The inquisitor charges the tables, pushing the mites back into the room. Firing into the room, the wizard was able to take down one mite with his bow before the barbarian charged the wall of tables, intending to leap over the table and attack the mites. Unfortunately, just before reaching the table, the dwarf stumbled and stuck his horned helm straight into one of the tables, getting it stuck. Fighting through the tables and killing the mites throwing darts, the party faced the tick riding mite. The tick leaped forward, sinking its fangs into both the oracle and the inquisitor. With a roar, the dwarf picked up the table still attached to his helmet and swung it around, unseating the mite riding the tick and killing him. Continuing to attack the giant tick, the party was able to finally defeat it after a second mighty blow from the table wielding dwarf, destroying both the table and the tick.
Searching the room, they find a small statue of a horned devil that they decide must be the stolen kobold statue that the captured kobold was looking for.
Leaving the mite lair, Mikmek the kobold is overjoyed that the statue was recovered and lead the party to the kobold caves. On the way, he explained that the Sootscale tribe was under a curse due to the loss of the statue and that half of the tribe had died from a strange disease that turned them yellow and then killed them. He also explained that the shaman was using this as a bid to take power from the current chieftain and hinted that he thought the statue should be returned to the chieftain.
Arriving at the kobold caves, they are greeted by a kobold guard who seems to think that the statue should be returned to the shaman and runs off as soon as the party is lead inside.
After meeting the chieftain of the tribe, they show him that they have returned with his statue and would like to make a treaty with him and his tribe. Misunderstanding the word treaty, he declares that they have no use for trees as they live in caves but might be willing to make a deal with the tall ones.
About this time, the shaman shows up with several kobold warriors and demands that the chieftain kill the party. Approaching him with the statue, the mage uses it as a ruse to get close enough to fire off a burning hands spell, causing two of the warriors to flee. A couple of other warriors are able to stab the wizard before the rest of the party can come to his aid and allow him to retreat out of harms way. The shaman began casting defensive spells on himself as he allowed his warriors to hold off the party. Taking control of the shaman’s mind, the cleric of Desna “suggested” that the shaman approach the party and the shaman was compelled to do just that. Once within reach of the dwarven barbarian, he was able to grapple him, though the shaman was able to get off one final burning hands spell before being killed by the party.
Grateful for the help in both returning the statue and getting rid of his rival for control of the tribe, Chieftain Sootscale leads the party to the shaman’s room where the wealth of the kobold tribe is located. Locating Svetlana’s lost ring in the pile of loot and negotiating for a pair of boots of the elvenkind, the party was able to secure a tentative treaty with the kobold tribe. The rogue was even able to “appropriate” a bag of dust of illusion from the kobolds without their knowledge. All in all, a profitable day for the party as they were able to claim the 800gp bounty for ending the kobold threat.
Exploring back to the north on their way back to Oleg’s Trading Post, they camp on the banks of the Shrike River where that evening, an undead creature rises from the swiftly flowing river, walks across the surface of the water and confronts the party. He then tasks the party with killing the Stag Lord and throwing his body into the river before turning around, walking back to the center of the river, and sinking under the water.
Continuing northward, the party came upon a lone tree where the inquisitor notices a piece of disturbed ground at the base of the tree and find a bit of buried treasure under the tree, including a wand and a spellbook, though it had been mostly ruined by the weather and only a few spells remained.
Just before reaching Olegs, the party was attacked by a giant trap door spider, though no was was injured. Killing the spider, they find a desiccated corpse in its lair with a crudely drawn map to a hidden cache under a tree to the south.
Oleg’s is a welcome site after several weeks of exploration and Oleg is overjoyed to have Svetlana’s ring back and gives the Party 1000gp in credit at his trading post. He buys what items from the party that he could afford and takes order for his next trip to Restov as well as informing the Party that the bandit activity has decreased to the point that Restov feels confident that they are finally taken care of and awards the party the 400gp bounty on the bandits.
Resting up after their adventures, the party prepares to head back into the wild, feeling just a little more powerful than when they arrived.

The Adventure Begins

The party has been chartered by the city-state of Restov to map out and explore the northern half of the Greenbelt area of the Stolen Lands. They are also tasked with stopping any banditry and putting them to death by sword or by ROPE.

Arriving at Oleg’s trading post, they are warmly greeted by Oleg and his wife Svetlana. The couple has been having bandit problems and has sent a request to Restov for assistance and believe that the party has been sent to help them. Even though they have not been sent to directly deal with this problem, they are tasked with stopping banditry so they agree to help.
Ambushing the bandits, they take several of them alive and interrogate them to find out the location of the bandit camp and the name of the bandit leader, Kressle. They then put the bandits to death.

Before they head out the following morning to track down the remaining bandits, Oleg asked them to find and return Svetlana’s wedding ring, which the bandits took. Tracking the bandits through the forest, the party finds some kobold spoor but forgo tracking it in favor of hunting down the bandits. Finding the bandits camp, the rogue sneaks in and stealthily kills the lookout before taking his place. As the rest of the party enters the camp, the rogue begins firing his bow down into the camp. The party makes short work of the bandits and capture their leader, a woman named Kressle. Interrogating her, they discover that she is actually not the leader of the bandits but a former tracker and hunter who was forced to lead this small band due to the fact that the real bandit leader, known only as the Stag Lord, is holding her father hostage. They also find out that a couple of bags of loot, with Svetlana’s wedding ring inside one of them, had been stolen by a couple of mites.

Tracking the mites to their lair under an ancient, lone sycamore tree out in the hills, they enter the lair and discover two mites who are busy building a tiny catapult. The mites begin shooting caltrops at the party before one is killed and the other captured. Moving further into the lair, they stumble upon a nest of giant centipedes being fed by the mites, who were dispatched by the dwarven fighter, and a large group of mites that quickly die to the arcane might of the party’s wizard. Moving further into the mite lair, they come across several dead kobolds tied to the wall and one kobold, who is still alive and was being tortured by the mites. Freeing the kobold and talking to him reveals that his name is Mikmek and he is a “mighty warrior” from the Sootscale clan who was sent to retrieve the kobold’s sacred statue that had been stolen by the mites.


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