The Making of Kings

Dwarves can't climb

Returning to the fort at night, the party approaches from the only side without a guard tower. Sending in the rogue to scout, as he nears the wall, zombies rise out of the ground, attacking the rogue. Once the rogue retreats, the zombies sink back into the ground. The inquisitor and the oracle go around to watch the front of the fort while the rest of the party charge up the hill.
Again, the zombies rise and the party precedes to kill all that rise but this alerts the fort. The inquisitor and the oracle, who has enlarged himself, are coming up the front path to the gate when it opens to let out the bandits to attack the party. Instead, they find themselves facing the inquisitor and oracle, who make short work of them. Meanwhile, the rogue and dwarf have scaled the walls, with the dwarf falling off of the wall into the fort. Realizing that the gate is now open and held by the inquisitor and oracle, the rest of the party runs to the gate and into the fort.
While fighting the bandits, one of the bandit lieutenants release an owlbear that the bandits had captured and then fought the party. The owlbear mauled the inquisitor and another of the bandit lieutenants revealed himself as a paladin of Erystul and attacked the owlbear. The Stag Lord finally made an appearance dropping the rogue with his bow. The party finally killed him and released the old man (the father of the woman bandit who is now working at Oleg’s), taking the fort.
Returning to Oleg’s, they find that they have completed their quest to explore the land assigned to them. They return to Restov to receive their reward and rest.
A couple of weeks later, they are again summoned by the leaders of Restov and commissioned to start a town in the portion of the land that they have explored. They are given settlers and supplies to start this new city.
They decide that the site of the Stag Lord’s fort would be the best place to put their new city and travel ahead of the slow moving train of settlers and supplies in order to further explore the land around the site of their new city.
A little to the south, they discover a hut in a swampy area with a large pumpkin patch guarded by a scarecrow. Approaching the hut, the scarecrow comes to life and attacks the party. They make short work of the scarecrow and discover an old lady living in the hut. From her appearance, at first they believe her to be a green hag but quickly realize she is just an old lady with some fey blood. They finally win her over and she invites the party into her hut.



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