The Making of Kings

Squiggaly Sqoosh. Really?

After meeting with Old Beldame (the old fey blooded sorceress), she asks them to get some mushrooms from a nearby mud pit and will pay them for retrieving them for her. Heading to where the mud pit is located, they find a lake with an island. On that island is an ruined tower. Having no boats to travel out to the island, they continue on to the mud pit where they find the mushrooms but also find a large plant creature, which immediately attacks them. Killing the creature, they are able to harvest the mushrooms and return them to Old Beldame. They then explored several more areas and returned to meet the settlers and supplies to start their first city.

Taking the first month to clear off the land in the hills where the city will go, the small city took shape. After building the first couple of houses and buildings within the city, they began to claim and clear the surrounding land for the farms that are needed to feed their fledgling city and to build the roads to connect these farms to the city and their new city to the surrounding world.

While taking care of building their city, the party, now leaders of a new fledgling nation, hired a band of adventurers to explore the forest to the west of their city. This band was never heard from again. They decide to explore to see what happened to the band that they had sent out. Taking boats this time, their first stop is the ruined tower on the island. They discover that the tower is much older than the other ruins in the area and find some weird Aklo writing on the stones of the ruin. Resting that night so that Comp Languages can be memorized, they are attacked by a will-o-wisp. Finally defeating it, they discover that this tower had been a worship site for Yog-Sothoth, an Elder Evil. They also realize that without a Hallow spell, spending time in the vicinity of the tower will lead to insanity.

Heading out into the area where the band had disappeared, they find a crazy old man with a leopard pet who says that he can make potions for them. Ordering some potions, they continue searching but find no trace of the band. Heading further west, they run into an obviously drunk scythe tree and make short work of it. They also find traces of the band they are looking for, heading back to the east, the direction they had come from. Heading back to the east, they are attacked by the crazy old man and his leopard. Subduing the old man, they discovered that he had been spending time at the tower on the island and that the voices in his head made him kill people. He had killed the previous band of adventurers and tossed all of their stuff into the lake.

Returning to their new city, they discover that a child had gone missing. Heading south along the lake where he was last seen, they discover lizardfolk tracks. Continuing to explore southeast of their new city, they come across a mound in the center of a river encircled by a palisade with lizardsfolk tracks on the shoreline. Paddling their boats out to the mound, they were confronted by two lizardfolk. When asked about human children, one flatly refused that he knew anything about them and the other seemed unsure of what to do. After being refused entrance, the party killed the belligerent lizardfolk and the other led them into the hut of the lizardfolk king. The king told them that their new god (an ancient lizardfolk hero come back) demanded sacrifices. The druid challenged the lizardfolk king to single combat and after losing badly to the king, the combat devolved into a free for all and ended with the king escaping out of a hole in the ground. Heading out to the spirit hut, the party was confronted by the lizardfolk “deity” who after initiating combat, they discovered was just another will-o-wisp. Beating it and showing the village what their new “deity” really was seemed to make the rest of the lizardfolk disillusioned with the current king and the party left to promises of a regime change in the very near future. They also discovered the missing kid buried to his neck behind the spirit hut.

Returning the boy to their city caused an upsurge in loyalty by the citizens as they saw their leaders actually cared about them.

Continuing to stay in the city for the next few months, the party concentrated on building the nation. Several months later, they were approached by a group who wanted to expand the nation by building a second city at the ford where the party had defeated the tatzlwyrms. Giving them permission, the forest area was cleared and the second city, Tatzlford, was born. Nation and city growth continues on a slow and steady pace.



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