The Making of Kings

The Adventure Begins

The party has been chartered by the city-state of Restov to map out and explore the northern half of the Greenbelt area of the Stolen Lands. They are also tasked with stopping any banditry and putting them to death by sword or by ROPE.

Arriving at Oleg’s trading post, they are warmly greeted by Oleg and his wife Svetlana. The couple has been having bandit problems and has sent a request to Restov for assistance and believe that the party has been sent to help them. Even though they have not been sent to directly deal with this problem, they are tasked with stopping banditry so they agree to help.
Ambushing the bandits, they take several of them alive and interrogate them to find out the location of the bandit camp and the name of the bandit leader, Kressle. They then put the bandits to death.

Before they head out the following morning to track down the remaining bandits, Oleg asked them to find and return Svetlana’s wedding ring, which the bandits took. Tracking the bandits through the forest, the party finds some kobold spoor but forgo tracking it in favor of hunting down the bandits. Finding the bandits camp, the rogue sneaks in and stealthily kills the lookout before taking his place. As the rest of the party enters the camp, the rogue begins firing his bow down into the camp. The party makes short work of the bandits and capture their leader, a woman named Kressle. Interrogating her, they discover that she is actually not the leader of the bandits but a former tracker and hunter who was forced to lead this small band due to the fact that the real bandit leader, known only as the Stag Lord, is holding her father hostage. They also find out that a couple of bags of loot, with Svetlana’s wedding ring inside one of them, had been stolen by a couple of mites.

Tracking the mites to their lair under an ancient, lone sycamore tree out in the hills, they enter the lair and discover two mites who are busy building a tiny catapult. The mites begin shooting caltrops at the party before one is killed and the other captured. Moving further into the lair, they stumble upon a nest of giant centipedes being fed by the mites, who were dispatched by the dwarven fighter, and a large group of mites that quickly die to the arcane might of the party’s wizard. Moving further into the mite lair, they come across several dead kobolds tied to the wall and one kobold, who is still alive and was being tortured by the mites. Freeing the kobold and talking to him reveals that his name is Mikmek and he is a “mighty warrior” from the Sootscale clan who was sent to retrieve the kobold’s sacred statue that had been stolen by the mites.



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