The Making of Kings

The dwarf gets boar'd

Before leaving Oleg’s, the party is approached by an elderly cleric of Eristal named Jhod who asks the party to be on the lookout for a lost shrine of Eristal guarded by a large bear. Telling him they will, they head back out, this time hunting the boar, Tuskgutter.
Continuing on, they move back into the forest where they are able to finally locate a field of radishes. They negotiated with the kobolds to harvest radishes and were able to obtain some for Svetlana.
Moving south back into the hills, they discovered a cave wherein the rogue found a vein of gold that could prove profitable if a mine was to be built in the future.
Moving back into the forest, the battle oracle awoke to find many brambles had been placed in the seat of his pants while he slept. Later that day, the wizard was surprised to find himself hanging upside down by one leg from a snare trap. The party then heard some high pitched giggling in the forest around them. While crossing a clearing, they were all caught in an entangle spell but managed to free themselves. The inquisitor also saw a small female face peering at them from the trees. After describing it to the wizard, he identified the creature as a grig. Entering another clearing they were faced with a large red dragon. Not believing that the dragon was actually there (as certain fey can cast illusion spells), the battle oracle charged the dragon, attempting to ride it. Piercing its illusion, the party was able to see the small faerie dragon that was behind the illusion. Speaking to the grig and faerie dragon and playing a little tune on a whistle, they were able to coax them out and talk to them. They told the party that they were much more fun than the sleeping guy to the west who just laid there with his legs under a bunch of logs and didn’t do anything. They also told them about a temple with a mean bear and a pond of frogs. They also told the party any time they needed them to just close their eyes, spin around three times and say the grig’s name (Tig Tittle Tut) and they would appear. Though tried many times by the rogue in subsequent days, it never seemed to work.
Investigating this “sleeping” man, they find a dead trapper with his legs caught under a deadfall trap with the ropes on the trap looking like they had been chewed through by small sharp teeth.
Investigating further into the forest, they came upon a small shrine guarded by a large bear. defeating the bear caused it to transform into an old man and then crumble to dust. The pool in the middle of the clearing then cleared up and became sparklingly clear.
Moving on, the found a hot springs filled with giant frogs which immediately attacked. The party made short work of the frogs and dined like kings on frog legs that evening.
Heading south, they came upon a swampy area with some old ruins inhabited by a lame boggard who spoke very broken common. The wizard was able to cast comprehend languages and speak to him. They gave him some frog legs and decided to just leave him alone as he desired.
The boggard was able to tell the party about a really big pig that lived to the east.
Heading east, they hear some noises in a clearing ahead of them. Sneaking up to the clearing, the rogue sawa large boar resembling Tuskgutter. The nature oracle and the dwarven barbarian approach to see if they can subdue and possibly tame the boar for the dwarf to ride. Seeing the boar clearly for the first time, they realize that this is not a regular boar but a dire boar. Casting sanctuary on himself and his wolf mount, the nature oracle attempted to calm the boar while the dwarf stepped out in front to protect the oracle. The beast took one look at the wolf mount and charged but could not attack due to the sanctuary spell. Shaking off the oracle’s attempt to calm it, the boar then attacked the dwarf. Two might swings of its tusks and the dwarf was down and bleeding out. The oracle was finally able to calm the boar enough to get it to walk away while he saved the dwarf. The oracle was finally able to coup-DE-grace the boar while it slept after deciding that it was untameable.
Following the river, the were ambushed by three tatzlewyrms. After chewing on the dwarf and inquisitor for a while, they got bored and died.
Heading back to Oleg’s, they discovered a large statue of Eristal and a cairn for a prince from one of the barbarian tribes though they were unable to tell which one. Taking the ring off of the body, they return to Oleg’s to sell all of their stuff. Oleg bought the ring from the cairn as a gift to Svetlana.
Heading to the east, they find a hut in the middle of the plains. Within, they find an old man who is just a little bit off (or actually a lot off) but says is “adept” at making low level potions but needs fangberries to finish his current batch and if they can bring him fangberries, he will make potions for them at 25% off for the next month.
Continuing on, they find a bunch of fangberries and return them to the crazy potion maker.
Searching the southern edge of their assigned area, the came across a wooden palisade on a hill. Stopping a rider that was riding toward it, the party talks to the rider. Sensing some deception in his answers, the rogue quickly ends the discussion by one-shotting the bandit off his horse. Waking him up, they are able to discover that the fort is the hideout of the Stag Lord and that there are 10 other bandits with him and a weird old man in the basement. He also tells them the password, which they immediately suspect as false and intimidate the bandit into telling them the real one.
The party decides to finish exploring the rest of their assigned territory before taking on the Stag Lord and discover a dead unicorn with its horn removed that was evidently killed by some kind of death affect as there is no wounds on it at all.
Returning to the fort, the party rests up for its inevitable confrontation with the Stag Lord.



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