The Making of Kings

Trees for Kobolds

Following the fleeing mite, the tunnel drops into a 20ft deep chasm before continuing on. Roots across the ceiling create a jungle gym like way to cross the chasm. The dwarven barbarian, forgoing swinging across the ceiling, descended into the chasm, awakening a giant centipede. The rogue, seeing the barbarian facing a giant centipede alone, took a flying leap off of the cliff firing into the centipede as he went. Taking damage from the fall, the rogue retreated to the other side of the chasm, continuing to fire into the centipede. The barbarian finally got into the action and took the centipede down before it could inflict any damage to the party.
Continuing past the chasm, the party came upon a room full of mites and a giant tick who had turned over two tables and were hiding behind them, throwing darts. The inquisitor charges the tables, pushing the mites back into the room. Firing into the room, the wizard was able to take down one mite with his bow before the barbarian charged the wall of tables, intending to leap over the table and attack the mites. Unfortunately, just before reaching the table, the dwarf stumbled and stuck his horned helm straight into one of the tables, getting it stuck. Fighting through the tables and killing the mites throwing darts, the party faced the tick riding mite. The tick leaped forward, sinking its fangs into both the oracle and the inquisitor. With a roar, the dwarf picked up the table still attached to his helmet and swung it around, unseating the mite riding the tick and killing him. Continuing to attack the giant tick, the party was able to finally defeat it after a second mighty blow from the table wielding dwarf, destroying both the table and the tick.
Searching the room, they find a small statue of a horned devil that they decide must be the stolen kobold statue that the captured kobold was looking for.
Leaving the mite lair, Mikmek the kobold is overjoyed that the statue was recovered and lead the party to the kobold caves. On the way, he explained that the Sootscale tribe was under a curse due to the loss of the statue and that half of the tribe had died from a strange disease that turned them yellow and then killed them. He also explained that the shaman was using this as a bid to take power from the current chieftain and hinted that he thought the statue should be returned to the chieftain.
Arriving at the kobold caves, they are greeted by a kobold guard who seems to think that the statue should be returned to the shaman and runs off as soon as the party is lead inside.
After meeting the chieftain of the tribe, they show him that they have returned with his statue and would like to make a treaty with him and his tribe. Misunderstanding the word treaty, he declares that they have no use for trees as they live in caves but might be willing to make a deal with the tall ones.
About this time, the shaman shows up with several kobold warriors and demands that the chieftain kill the party. Approaching him with the statue, the mage uses it as a ruse to get close enough to fire off a burning hands spell, causing two of the warriors to flee. A couple of other warriors are able to stab the wizard before the rest of the party can come to his aid and allow him to retreat out of harms way. The shaman began casting defensive spells on himself as he allowed his warriors to hold off the party. Taking control of the shaman’s mind, the cleric of Desna “suggested” that the shaman approach the party and the shaman was compelled to do just that. Once within reach of the dwarven barbarian, he was able to grapple him, though the shaman was able to get off one final burning hands spell before being killed by the party.
Grateful for the help in both returning the statue and getting rid of his rival for control of the tribe, Chieftain Sootscale leads the party to the shaman’s room where the wealth of the kobold tribe is located. Locating Svetlana’s lost ring in the pile of loot and negotiating for a pair of boots of the elvenkind, the party was able to secure a tentative treaty with the kobold tribe. The rogue was even able to “appropriate” a bag of dust of illusion from the kobolds without their knowledge. All in all, a profitable day for the party as they were able to claim the 800gp bounty for ending the kobold threat.
Exploring back to the north on their way back to Oleg’s Trading Post, they camp on the banks of the Shrike River where that evening, an undead creature rises from the swiftly flowing river, walks across the surface of the water and confronts the party. He then tasks the party with killing the Stag Lord and throwing his body into the river before turning around, walking back to the center of the river, and sinking under the water.
Continuing northward, the party came upon a lone tree where the inquisitor notices a piece of disturbed ground at the base of the tree and find a bit of buried treasure under the tree, including a wand and a spellbook, though it had been mostly ruined by the weather and only a few spells remained.
Just before reaching Olegs, the party was attacked by a giant trap door spider, though no was was injured. Killing the spider, they find a desiccated corpse in its lair with a crudely drawn map to a hidden cache under a tree to the south.
Oleg’s is a welcome site after several weeks of exploration and Oleg is overjoyed to have Svetlana’s ring back and gives the Party 1000gp in credit at his trading post. He buys what items from the party that he could afford and takes order for his next trip to Restov as well as informing the Party that the bandit activity has decreased to the point that Restov feels confident that they are finally taken care of and awards the party the 400gp bounty on the bandits.
Resting up after their adventures, the party prepares to head back into the wild, feeling just a little more powerful than when they arrived.



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